How much do you charge?

Quite simply, we tailor our work to fit a budget. We develop strategies for different approaches and timelines to suit you and your baby*. *hypothetical creative baby - separate website for childcare under construction

Where are you based?

We might live in London but our work takes us all over the UK and abroad. We are very happy working across different time zones.

Are you able to work alongside other production companies?

Absolutely! We’re very happy jumping onboard at any point in the timeline and following orders.

Is it OK to not know what I want?

Of course! If anything, it’s what we do best. We’ve started projects from square zero, and jumped onto them well past the point where they ceased being squares. Let’s hash it out.

Are you still operating amidst the pandemic, endless tier systems, and increasingly depressingly frequent lockdowns?

Very much so. In March 2020 we created a whole new system for working within the rules and guidelines and we continue to improve and tailor it as the disaster continues. In fact, many of these projects were the result of us pitching new directions and solutions for how to bring something to life in all this chaos.

Covid-19 destroyed my project. Can you help?

Hello. We’re Torch & Compass. Yes definitely. Email us immediately.

Can you project manage?

Yes. As well as one of us being a qualified project manager, we have a strong track record of overseeing successful projects as well as being in the thick of it.