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We don't like talking about ourselves.

Lucky for us, we don't have to.


Will Young, Producer of Songs of Friendship

Rob & Paddy did a phenomenal job on our project, and I can't recommend them enough.

Producing three full-length audio plays, they were brilliant right from the project's inception, working out how to achieve our ideas and contributing creatively as well as technically. Specific jobs included recording on location and in studio, editing, mixing and mastering the final shows - all completed to a tight budget, working to changing deadlines and with brilliant care and attention to detail.

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Dan Thomas, Founder of

Lions Den Motorcycles

I always thought I’d be able to control and excel at every element of running my business. When the harsh reality came to light Rob was there to save the day. He has counselled me through important decisions and also rejuvenated the useless spreadsheet I was calling a cash flow making the day to day and planning of this business something I no longer dread.

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John Henry Falle, creator of The Story Beast

I’ve worked with Rob and Paddy on two of my shows shows now so I can tell you they are sonic chameleons, able to change style at the drop of a beat, musical time travellers who can take your sound back to the ancient of days or propel it into strange new aeons. Dance, jazz, metal, folk are all hats they can put on, take off and pop a feather in if necessary. They are your guys.


Ed Morrish, owner of Lead Mojo Productions / BBC Radio Producer

Paddy and Rob were excellent, quick, and very responsive to notes. Some of their jingles were so good, we had to re-record our material to match the quality!


Benedict Lombe, Communications Director at CRIN

We've worked with Torch & Compass on a few projects in recent years. They have executed each one with care, precision and creativity - and are now our go-to sound designers. They are always a joy to work with - incredibly prompt, professional and proactive, and come highly recommended.

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Rachel Lepley, Head of Content at WithU

Working with Paddy and Rob is brilliant: not only are they hugely talented and creative but they are reliable, helpful and efficient too. They go above and beyond: no task is too big or small, and their work on our music and sound design has breathed fresh air into our product. I can't recommend Paddy and Rob enough; I don't know what we would do without them!

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Gabi Miller and Amelia Saberwal, Pivot Points Podcast

Rob Sell has been our Pivot Points podcast editor from the 2nd episode of season 1; we are now well into season 2, and we don't know where we'd be without him.

He's taken us from an amateur outfit to a professional operation. He goes over and above in every way possible. He has patience and intelligence in spades. He is deft in his craft and clear in his communication and feedback loops.


Very importantly for us, he isn't a 'yes man'. He tells us what isn't working and how/ where we can make improvements.

And if his talent wasn’t enough, he also happens to be incredible fun and has brilliant effervescent energy; which always makes our work and time with him more enjoyable.


If you're thinking of working with Rob, do it! We couldn’t recommend him highly enough and we’d be glad for you to call us to reiterate and answer any more specific questions you may have.


Alex Forsyth, Founder of Flamethrowers and Dreamcatchers

Rob came on board with us in the infancy of our enterprise and proved a solid sounding board for ideas with useful suggestions and provided help with research and planning phases of our work.

He is a driven independent thinker with an eye for detail who is always a pleasure to be around.

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